MODEL MAKING - VARIOUS PROJECTS - FOR CLIENTS OR SCHOOL PROJECTS (FRANCE - UK - NETHERLANDS) l was lucky to work with various materials and tools : wood, concrete, metal, resine, foam, plexiglas,... - J'ai eu la chance de travailler avec différentes matières et machines : bois, béton, acier, aluminium, résine, mousse, plexiglas,...
New library of Birmingham - 1st prize of Aedas Contest "Birmingham Building 2012" : ceramic
Edging a table top at Goldsworthy Studio

Mini digister - master project : thermoformed plastic, plywood, acrylic paint

Mini Digester - Master project : foam, plywood, thermoformed plastic, acrylic paint
Akita's desk set - for Plant&Moss : concrete parts (template in plywood, mold in silicone)
Chandelier and cabinet - for Markunpoika Studio : MIG welding
Sculpture - school project : plaster
Concrete comfort - personal project : mold in silicone, concrete
Izen - school project : foam, plywood, plexiglas, acrylic paint
Copyright Elodie Flamant 2018
Copyright Elodie Flamant 2018